COLO@ - CDN - Content Delivery Network

CDN - Content Delivery Network

CDN - (Content Delivery Network)

Get the reach you need with a CDN from COLO@. Your customers are everywhere, so that’s where your content needs to be, everywhere. Your content is distributed across a vast network so that it’s always close to your audience.

Simply put, a CDN is a network that helps you deliver your content quickly, no matter where your customers are. Social media providers, video sites, gaming sites, these are some of the types of sites that make extensive use of content delivery networks. Their users are spread out and site owners need their content to reach their audience quickly, no matter where they’re at.

That’s where a CDN comes in. Our CDN utilizes equipment in over 150 data centers around the world so that wherever your audience happens to be, they’re always close to your content.

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