COLO@ - Enterprise Colocation Services

Our colocation facilities are locked down and fully staffed 24/7. On-site access is strictly limited to authorized personnel and customers can only access their own equipment. Some of our facilities also utilize two-factor authentication including key-card and biometric scanners.


You need bandwidth, COLO@ has it. We have as much bandwidth as you may need so you can keep your operations up to speed. We have a vast range of bandwidth providers available to all of our customers. Your equipment won't slow down at COLO@.


COLO@ takes great pride in keeping our customers up and running. Our staff is on hand all day, every day to meet any need you have. Our infrastructure is solid and reliable. All of our locations utilize full UPS backup and generator emergency power. On the connectivity side, all locations have redundant fiber paths to keep you up and running.


You can grow your business with COLO@. We have lots of space available in all of our locations. Speaking of locations, we utilize six datacenters throughout the USA so no matter which market you operate in, we can serve it.